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Role of a mentor

If you know your destination then you can find your way.

Most of us should have determined the destination and identify what they want to achieve in the professional life. If you have not then first take a step back, think about it and identify the big goal, your destination. It may be hazy and sure why not, its just your thought of what you want to achieve in your career.

Now when you know the destination, let's find out how to reach there. Here is where the mentor fits in. Mentor is a guide, a teacher and a supervisor. Mentor is more of a big brother who has more experience and shares the same destination.

Life can be simple if you get the clue about what to expect next and mentor can do just that if properly selected.

So how do you select a mentor? Mentor should be from the same field as you. Should have experience and be atleast 2 years more experienced than you. Mentor should be some one with whom you can communicate freely, express yourself and listen to the suggestions.

Mentoring works in advantage to both parties involved, for the mentor as well as you. Mentor can brush up the skills which can be forgotten if not used and improve its own communication skills. And the obvious reason for you will be to acquire the knowledge and get guidance.

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