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Transport Human On Wire

Necessity is the mother of invention.

This cannot be more true than the invention/discovery of the transportation of human on wire.

When I was kid and did not have a car where I could press the gas and speed up to reach my destination, I thought it would be great if I could find a way to reach a place in a blink of eye.

I started thinking of it and over the period of time I have refined my thought and ofcourse research how could human transport quickly?

Observing the transportation power of data over the wire I have no question in mind that this was the speed that I wished to be transported. And the content that could be transported over the wire is so varied from plain integers to pixels, files to movies and lots more.....AND Human? WHY NOT Let's get into detail how could this be achieved?

Any data that can be serialized, can be transported to the other end and deserialized to retrieve back the original object. What is serialization and deserialization? Serialization is the process of converting an object into a sequence of bits so that it can be persisted on a storage medium (such as a file, or a memory buffer) or transmitted across a network connection link. The opposite operation, extracting a data structure from a series of bytes, is deserialization. Any object that can be serialized can be retrieved back in its original format later.

I can serialize my data or movie file, family hierarchy tree or my best music album and preserve for years and retrieve them later. After serialization I can transport it to some part of the world and see the content after deserialization. Now coming to the most important thing, how can human be transported on wire. Answer is simple, isn't it? Serialize it and deserialize it. I love KISS ideology. If it was this simple than we would be on wire and traveling without visa and been blocked by firewalls.

Transport Human on wire

If you have followed this article till here then I am sure you are interested to look into more interesting stuff. What does serialiable object look like. Below is the structure:

            4 lobes
This is a simple structure of an object in xml format. If the object is serializable then it can be transported over the wire and reclaimed with the data.

If the human as an object has to be put into XML structure format, it will need to include such a big data structre having all possible properties of human including anatomical, physiological, pyschological and biochemical aspects of it complexity. If these properties in the format of datastructre is serialized then it can be possible to transport such an object and deserialize it.

The serializer is an object which serializes an object and deserializer is an object which deserializes. The work of serializer is to take an human object, extract all the properties discussed above, put it in an object and send it to the destination. The deserializer picks up the object, extracts the information and deserializes it.

Getting all the possible properties of human can be very difficult. However the scientists have started scripting human using the DNA. The DNA cloning is in advance stage and human cloning is near possibility.

So in our discussion, the serialized object is almost there in the form of the DNA scripting. How lucky we are that we won't have to get all the possible properties of human object.

If we can script the human DNA, send over the script to the destination and deserialize it using cloning as the deserializer then it will complete the human transportation over the wire.

The challenge still is going to remain to serialize and deserialize the physiology and psychology of the human being. Not considering these aspects will only transport unitelligent human. These are the few questions which will need to be answered in the future before we can think of transporting human on wire.

This is my thought of this process and I will like to hear back from you. Please send me your thoughts and ideas and I will try to refine this article.

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