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About Me

Work hard and party harder. I have always believed in this.

I feel shy to talk about myself but since you have shown interest in knowing me, I will open up and share few things about me.

I was born in Mumbai, India in a joint family of 15. It was fun growing up as there was always something going on around. Lots of fun, enjoyment, sports and learning.

I went to Bharda New High School in Mumbai. The location of this school is one of the best. Its right opposite to Victoria terminus(VT) station now called as Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus or CST. I made many friends here and learned so many things. I have captured these in my fun learnings sections. The biggest gain from school apart from education were my friends Wasim, Musi, Ghoda and many others. During my school I won more than 80 certificates, medals and trophies at intra and inter school level.

I then joint St. Xaviers College for my Science stream high school. It was fun but the most important thing in this phase was studying. I worked really hard to score 95% Physics, Chemistry, Math(PCM) and in Biology I scored 93. Biology was my favorite subject but some how I landed in Computers.

After that I went to M.H.S.S college of engineering for my computer engineering. It was a good experience to be there. Life was going on and knowing that I will be an engineer at the end of 4 years made me relaxed. Adrenaline was not pumping that much as was during my high school.

Luck struck me and I got into one of the best Information Technology Servicing Company - Infosys. It is great place to be and made friends with lots of talented people from across the world. This was my first real encounter with globalization. Infosys is infact a perfect example of globalization where the world is believed to be flat. Work was going on 24 X 7. When the people in India left office the people in the other part of the world picked up.

I got an opportunity to come to United States and then an opportunity to work for This is a fun place to work at.

I got married in December of 08 to Nudrat starting my new phase of life with love, responsibility and having the same old fun.

I am an avid Nature lover. I love animals and ornithologist. My hobby keeps me busy when I am not working.

This is a summary about me. I will write in more details about events of my life.

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