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Devexpress - How to suppress backspace keypress on gridview focus?

While using devexpress controls for ASP.Net/ ASP.Net MVC, I ran into issue where when the focus was on gridview and then the user pressed the backspace key, the page will go back to the last page in history of browser. This was very annoying. I raised the ticket with Devexpress but had to find a resolution for myself as describing the situation why I had to focus on gridview was difficult to explain in the ticket.

I tried out several gridview control specific properties like:
settings.KeyboardSupport = true;

but it didn't help. I realized that the resolution had to be custom javascript solution rather than control property specific. I finally figured out the solution:
Use this script in the common javascript library, this will disable the backspace key press issue for all of your devexpress grids:

//Suppressing backspace keypress on grid focus 

    $(document).keydown(function (e) {

        if (e.which === 8 && "TABLE" === document.activeElement.tagName) {

            return false;



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