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How to host website for cheap(under $5, save and good performance)?

Since you have come to this article, I am sure you are really looking for a good web hosting provider for your website and good news is - you will be very happy that you came here for recommendation.

This is a very important decision for your website as this will determine the end user experience. The main points to remember when you are looking for good web hosting solution are:
  1. Website availability - Your website will have to be available all the time.
  2. Performance of the website - Serve the request from the server quickly.
If you miss on either point then the user experience is going to be bad and people will avoid your website even if it comes on the top of the search engine. I am sure you have certain websites that you are avoiding though they come on top of the search because of either of these two reasons (ofcourse the third item is the content of the website which we are not discussing here). So let's explore more about the server from where you can host website for cheap?

First of all, I invite you to browse through my website( The website is database driven and all the pages are served from the database. Just for the purpose of this article I am not taking advantage of any caching. This means everytime you come to the website or hit F5, the page is rendered from the database. This is not efficient use of the resources but then I won't do justice to this article if I don't show you the performance of the server.

Hoping you liked the performance of the webserver, let me tell you this website is built with ASP.NET MVC 1.0 using SQL Server 2008. I get thousands of hits per month using this provider to my website and from different parts of the world. This indicates that the website is up and running and is serving it's purpose. The website is not supported by CDN(serving the request from nearby location where it originated rather than making a round trip across the continent). Yet it's performance is good enough.

Technically speaking, all the latest frameworks of dotnet are supported on this server. SQL server database is SQL Server 2008. You can have various versions of ASP.NET MVC website hosted easily. If you want to have silverlight application then you can host it too. Here is the sample example that I have created to show that silverlight hosting is available on this webserver: silverlight sample In my article I have listed the steps for you to easily set up your first website on dailyrazor.

You can also host PHP, MySQL websites easily. For more technical details about what is supported you can check out this page: PHP Ruby hosting

The user control panel for creating a website is very simple. You can host multiple domains, multiple subdomains in few simple steps. No more complicated steps of messing around with IIS URL redirect, web.config changes.

Now the very good part about it is, you can get hold of the customer support very easily and they are very helpful unlike other web hosting provider. Once you submit the request ticket by email or logging a request from the website, you are assigned a ticket ID and then you reply to that thread. I have had a very good experience with the customer support and the best part is, they were there standing beside me even when it was my application causing trouble. I know of webhosting provider who will leave you in middle when it's application related problem. I have faced that situation with and hence moved away from them.

The best part about it is you can host your website with this performance for cheap in less than $4 per month($4 * Rs.62 = Rs.248). Yes less than $4. I recommend you checkout Dailyrazor for this best deal. Still don't trust me - then try out the 30 day money back guarantee program. Now you know how you can host your website for cheap.

What else do you need? Start right now by registering at and feel confident that your website will be up and running when you sign up for dailyrazor web hosting solution.

Click here to go cheap and reliable webhosting provider

Now when you have decided to use dailyrazor for your webhosting then let me help you with setting up your first ASP.NET MVC website on the DailyRazor.

Refer to this article for set up and be confident about your website.

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