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How to save MyHeritage file in PDF format?

I am sure you must have used's family tree building software which is absolutely free. If you haven't then please give it a shot at: MyHeritage family tree building application

My aunt recently sent me a MyHeritage file in zed format. I wanted to upload my family tree chart to my site and I couldn't upload it as the people viewing this file will not have MyHeritage application to open the .zed file.

I wanted to upload the file in PDF format and it was difficult at first to figure out the option to save the MyHeritage file in PDF format after opening it in MyHeritage application.

Finally, I found the option to save the MyHeritage file in PDF format.

  1. First, if you have not installed MyHeritage application then you won't be able to open the .zed file. So first install the MyHeritage application from: application download.
  2. After you open the .zed file in MyHeritage application then:
    Goto Menu option CHARTS > Select the type of chart you want.
  3. You will see the generated chart and the icon to Save(floppy disk type icon). Click on that and you will see the option to save it in PDF or jpg format.
  4. You can save the PDF in one file or create multiple pages.
That's it. Isn't it simple?

Alternatively watch this screen cast of how to save the MyHeritage zed file in PDF format after you have installed the MyHeritage application.
Screencast of MyHeritage application option to save the .zed file in PDF format

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